Beyond PowerPoint Outline


Learners will know the basic elements of a good slideshow/slidedeck, and will be able to apply this knowledge in their own work.
  • Maximizing visuals
  • Using print strategically rather than ubiquitously
  • Using elements of design theory


Educators, both in the classroom, and those doing presentations for other educators and administrators.


  1. Ask participants why they are attending the training to assess their needs;
  2. Share my background;
  3. Share the objectives and agenda for the training (adjust the agenda if needed);
  4. Show the slideshow as an overview of the training:

Background information:

  1. Split the class up; have half watch the video, and the other half go through the slideshow;
  2. Have them jigsaw or pair-share in heterogeneous pairs to share what they learned.

Hands-on activity:

  1. Have class think about an idea or concept to teach students, or adult peers;
  2. Share some resources (like Flickr) that they can use to locate high quality graphic images for their own work;
  3. Have them start to work on their slideshow based on what they've learned;
  4. Have them complete this evaluation form.

Links for further reading: